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New Fire Drill Procedures

Dear Parents, In light of the tragic situation in Parkland Florida, Chico Unified School District has reviewed our safety procedures. One of the areas that  CUSD has made some minor modifications to increase student safety is our fire drill practices. After consultation with our local fire departement and police department, CUSD has added on additional step into our fire drill protocol. Now barring any immediate fire threat such as smelling smoke or seeing flames, classes will hold in place in their rooms for a minute while school personnel verify it is safe to proceed with the fire drive. We feel this added verification step would significantly add to student safety on campus. The minute spent holding in place will allow the school an opportunity to check for strangers on campus. CUSD has also received questions from families as to how they can communicate with the school in event of a lock down situation. CUSD has committed to keeping parents as informed as possible in the timeliest manner we are able in the event of a code red at the school, cusd will send out an auto dialer message as soon as possible to affected families. Please be sure to share any phone number changes so that you are able to recieve and auto-dialer message. In addtion to the auto dialer, CUSD will have a designated, easily accessible portion of our website displaying information about code red situations as promptly as we receive information. We also strongly encourage parents not to call the school site and tie up phone lines during a Code red situation. It is very likely we will not be able to answer teh phone, as we will be busy securing the school site and communicate with Police and fire departments. Secondly, please do not come to the school site during a code red lockdown. During this time, all classrooms are locked and students will not be permitted to leave until the situation is resolved. Remember it is our top priority to keep all students safe during emergency situations. Thank you and if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the site principal. Chico Unified School district wants our families to feel their child is safe with us, and that they are receiving the most timely information as possible. Sincerely, Kimberly Rodgers, Principal.

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