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Wear your PINK SHIRT!



Wednesday February 28th 2018 is Pink Shirt Day. Most CUSD schools and many around the country acknowledge this day by wearing pink! Pink Shirt Day has become a tradition to show support for each other and help eliminate bullying. By wearing pink, we promising to stand up for one another.

The story of Pink Shirt Day comes from 2007 at a high school in Nova Scotia, Canada. A 9th grade boy wore a pink shirt to school. He was teased very badly by other students. A group of 12th grade boys noticed the terrible behavior of their classmates and wanted to do something about it. They went and bought all the pink shirts they could find that night. They emailed everybody they knew explaining their plan, code named “Sea of Pink”. They handed out all of those pink shirts the next day. Students wore them proudly. There was a sea of pink at school showing support for the bullied student.

The tradition is beginning to spread all over the world now, and Emma Wilson participates proudly! In addition to wearing pink that Wednesday, the theme is KINDNESS. Let’s all put a little more kindness out into the world shall we? Let’s show how much Emma Wilson cares!

Please do not feel like you should purchase anything for your child, they have been encouraged to get creative! We have had classroom discussions on ways to participate if you don’t have a pink shirt. 

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