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Emma Wilson Elementary opened in 1993. The beautiful campus is located on the suburban west side of Chico, surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, orchards and an adjacent city park. Emma Wilson is within walking distance of the California State University, Chico, which provides additional opportunities and educational resources for our students. The architectural design of the campus fosters cohesiveness among staff and students. The school is arranged in u-shaped, pod-like clusters. This allows grade levels easy access to one another. Two of our clusters share small common rooms located between each classroom. These rooms are used for providing interventions and small group instruction. Having classrooms joined together allow for collaboration and interaction among grade levels and provide opportunities for older and younger children to work together. Four additional small size rooms house our Primary Intervention Program (PIP), school counseling services and are used to provide small group interventions. Our Learning Center occupies an over-sized classroom in the front of the school. Two small rooms are attached which allow for small group instruction. We have two special day classes that occupy two full size classrooms. Our Title I and English Language Development (ELD) programs occupy small intervention rooms. Music and Fine Arts programs are provided and take place in individual classrooms. A new building opened in 2020-2021 that houses two kindergarten classrooms and one transitional kindergarten classroom. New playground equipment and an outdoor learning area are adjacent to the new building.

The staff of Emma Wilson works hard to ensure that students are provided with a clean, safe and functional learning environment. Located in the heart of the school is a courtyard where school events, such as the fifth grade promotion assembly, take place. Our large staff room overlooks the courtyard and is part of the main office building. Our library is neatly organized and offers an abundance of reading resources meeting the interest of any student. The library also houses our computer lab, consisting of forty computers. The library is well used by students and staff and updated with the newest publications and technology including a Viewsonic smart television.  Emma Wilson has achieved one device per student (Chromebooks, iPads, iPad minis, desktops).

Our Mission:
We envision a safe and inclusive community of teachers, staff, students, and families committed to fostering respect and responsibility in our global lifelong learners. We empower our students to make positive choices and are dedicated to ensuring that all of our students receive an equitable school experience, including high-quality instruction and social emotional support. Our students will become scholars, engaged citizens, and positive role models.
Our Vision: 
Growing hearts and minds so all children meet their full potential.       

Support Services and Programs:
•    Title 1 Program Support
•    Response to Intervention (RTI) Program
•    English Language Development (ELD) Program
•    Primary Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) 
•    Healthy Play/PIP- Grades K-5
•    Tool Box, Kimochis, and Second Step
•    School Counselor
•    IA Computer technician
•    Targeted Case Manager
•    Parent Liaison
•    Full-time Campus Supervisor
• Part time Assistant Principal 
•    Active P.T.S.A.
•    5th Grade Band
•    Student Leadership 
•    Collaboration with CSU, Chico-CAVE Aides
•    Collaboration with CSU, Chico-Counseling Interns
•    After School Program through Chico Area Recreation Department (CARD)

Other Pride and Strengths:
•    2015 and 2016 HONOR ROLL School
•    California Distinguished School 2010
The Emma Wilson community is committed to making our school exemplary. This dedication and determination ensures that each student achieves academic success. With academic success, each student can then reach their personal goals with self-confidence and pride.

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