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 Keyboarding Skills: 
 Mouse Skills: 

Grades 1st & 2nd

 Keyboarding Skills: 
 Monkey paws
 Keyboarding zoo
 Keyboard climber

 Mouse Skills: 
 Magical capitals
 Color draw paint
 Ballon pop subtraction

 Number chart game
 Dinosaurs read aloud
 Study jams
 Mathwork problems

 Drag and Drop:
 Base ten fun
 Practice spelling
 Math journey          

Grades 3rd - 6th

 Keyboarding Skills: 
 Keyboard Invasion
 Sky Chase
 Dance Mat Typing
 Number Pad Practice
 Math Quiz

 Mouse Skills:
 Mousing Around
 Mouse Practice
 Math Mavens
 Mouse Practice Bubble
 Spelling Bees
 FunBrain: Math Arcade

 Hightlight/Select Text: 
 Highlighting Practice
 Proof Reading Grade 3
 Proof Reading Grade 4
 Proof Reading Grade 5

 Comic Strip
 Friendly Letter
 Word Clouds
 Study Jams
 Story Starter
 Make an Animation
 Math Videos

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