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 Grade     Teacher Name          Lessons                      Questions?
 TK  McGrath  SeeSaw
 K  Steindorf  Google Classroom
 K  Howell  Google Classroom
 K  Miranda  Google Classroom
 K  Crane  Google Classrooom
1st          Archer                     Google Classroom
1st Mena   Google Classroom
1st Pitsker  Google Classroom
1st Tindill  Google Classroom
 2nd Combs  Google Classroom
 2nd Schreiber  Google Classroom
 2nd Hanf  Google Classroom
 2nd Hansen  Google Classroom
 3rd         Clark                       Google Classroom
 3rd Uebelhardt   Google Classroom
 3rd Stephens  Google Classroom
 3rd Ricci  Google Classroom
 3rd Reyna  Google Classroom
4th          Vernau                     Google Classroom   
4th Tebo  Google Classroom
4th Ray  Google Classroom
4th Birkle  Google Classroom
5th         Morrison                   Google Classroom
5th Barnes  Google Classroom
5th          York                      Google Classroom 
K-2nd      Willson                     Google Classroom
3rd-5th LaRosa  Google Classroom 
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